Launching March, 2022


Having Gratitude Through Troubling Times

Gratitude is like a muscle that needs to be trained and flexed.  In this course, I will teach you how to build more gratitude into your every day life so you can experience more peace and serenity.

Launching April, 2022


Compassion - A Gift to Humanity and Ourselves

Being compassionate doesn't always come naturally for everyone.  In this course, I will teach you what compassion is and what it isn't so you can live a life of love and connection with the rest of humanity.

Launching May, 2022


Breaking the Energetic Cord With Forgiveness

We forgive others for ourselves, not them.  We must break the energetic connection to those who we believe have wronged us.  You will learn how to forgive in any situation while preserving your dignity and self-respect.